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Printing and distributing paper payslips can be expensive and time consuming, particularly for businesses with weekly payrolls and multi-site operations.

Copexu’s Online Payslip module is all about removing processes that don’t add value. It allows you to free up time for payroll staff and can reduce, or eliminate, the costs of printing, enveloping or sealing, and delivery.

Employee benefits
On-demand, access to payslips & P60s
Archive of online payslips & P60s
More secure payslip delivery & storage

How online payslips work

You select your preferred online payslip layout from a choice of templates, apply your logo and set the background colour.

Each pay period, you simply upload your payslip data to the module, where it is processed, ready for display online in your chosen format. You then have the opportunity to check a sample selection before the payslips are displayed to employees.

Employees receive an email alert when their latest payslip becomes available online. They can access this on any internet connected device via a secure login to view, save and print it if they wish. They are also able to access an archive of the history of their online payslips and P60s.

The module lets you give employees the opportunity to opt out of, or into, receiving payslips and P60s online and reports these choices back to payroll.

Release payroll time

As well as reducing, or altogether removing, the low value processes of printing and physically delivering payslips to employees, the online payslip module helps reduce the amount of time payroll staff spend dealing with queries from employees.

Every employee can access a history of online payslips and P60s. If they need a copy of a particular payslip, or if a lender requires proof of earnings, the employee can simply print it themselves, without having to contact payroll.

The module also enables you to communicate key messages and reminders. For example, many employees may only wake up to the fact they’ve been auto enrolled in your pension scheme when deductions appear on their payslip. A simple message about this, and a link to more information can help save both employees and payroll staff time and effort.

Boost employee engagement

Whether delivered as a module within the Copexu platform or integrated with your existing employee portal via single sign on, online payslips offer a powerful tool for employee engagement.

Payslips are arguably the most eagerly anticipated and closely scrutinised regular company communication your workforce receives. By delivering them online, you give employees a compelling reason to visit your portal, allowing you to communicate more widely using a platform you know employees access regularly.

Working with your existing payroll software

There’s no need to change your existing payroll software. You simply supply the payroll data and the module presents the payslips online.

Supported software includes:


A survey published in September 2016 by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals shows that the number of companies providing online payslips has now overtaken the number processing and distributing paper payslips.

83.3% of companies in the survey reported cost savings as a result of the switch to electronic payslips.

As well as cost savings, survey respondents cited a range of benefits, including:

Read the survey [PDF]


Visit our epayslips website to find out more about the benefits of epayslips, view a demo and see pricing details.

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