Online payslips

Deliver payslips and P60s electronically and store them securely online for employees to access instantly on any device. Our Online Payslip module enables you to eliminate the effort you currently put into producing and distributing paper payslips and gives employees secure, instant access to their pay advice.
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Different content for different groups

The more relevant your content is, the more closely your users will engage with it. Our Target User module allows you to target specific content to individuals and discreet groups of users.

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Online absence planning

Take the headache out of managing staff holiday planning and absence with our easy to use online Absence Planner.
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Staff Suggestion Forum

No one is better placed to identify the challenges you face and how to address them than the people who work in your business. Our Staff Suggestion Forum allows your employees to contribute ideas and share thoughts on how to work smarter.

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Task & calendar management

Get the most out of every day by scheduling tasks and managing and synchronising team calendars.
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Instant messaging

Keep your internal communications in one place, making it easier for everyone to chat together or in private with your own group chat and instant messaging facility.

File Sharing

Store, organise and share files with colleagues and clients and access them from anywhere on any device.
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